Welcome Teachers! Thank you for inviting Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum into your classroom. If we are working in your school directly, find the complete set of materials that you will need below. Download and print.  Find the PowerPoints and videos for select exercises linked on the right.

Please print these materials:

Students will need to use our website to complete their science notebook. This can be done during computer or library time. Teachers are encouraged to choose from additional tie-in activities such as artwork, games and additional videos on this website, to enhance the materials.

If you are interested in using our curriculum independently, you may choose to download the individual chapters and exercises on the right per the needs of your classroom.

Session One

Lesson Plan


Salish Sea Watersheds Challenge

Introductory PowerPoint


See lesson plan for sample student worksheet

Session Two

Field Day

Student Worksheet

Marine Debris Tracker

Field Reflection Worksheet

Session Three

Lesson Plan

Plastics Lesson Plan



Video: Are you eating plastic for dinner?

Marine Mammals Student Worksheet

Ocean Feeder Cards (activity) 

Plastics Student Worksheet

For more information about Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network check out their website here

Other Resources

Documentaries to watch with the class include A Plastic Ocean (2016) and Lost and (Puget) Sound