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Inter-Tidal Ecosystems

NOAA Fisheries: The Olympia oyster is the only oyster species native to the PNW. Learn more about ecology and habitat and population restoration. 3rd grade +

All About Intertidal Zones (4:26) Discusses unique adaptation of species to intertidal environmental  variables.





Intertidal Biome - (7 minutes, Save Our Seas Foundation)What causes tides, intertidal zones, adaptations to intertidal zones.


Farming the tidelands (9:33) An educational video about shellfish farming on the West Coast of the United States. Covers the many different farming methods and types of shellfish grown as well as the environmental and economic impacts. From Taylor Shellfish. 

Drayton Harbor Shellfish

Learn about growing oysters at the Drayton Harbor Community Oyster Farm (14 minutes). This video features oyster farming from seed to market with relevant biology, history, and pollution prevention highlights. It is shown to students as a preview prior to their field trip experience at the Drayton Harbor Community Oyster Farm. Video by Julie Hirsch of Hirsch Consulting Services.

BC Global news story about Drayton Harbor Community Oyster Farm (3 minute video)This video is from a news story about Drayton Harbor Community Oyster Farm.

Click here to see more videos about the Drayton Harbor Community Shellfish farm.

Lummi Island Shellfish

Lummi Island Oyster Garden (11:55 minutes) Pre-field trip video for Beach Elementary. Exclusive interview with Lummi Island Oyster Garden managers as they explain the process of maintaining their oyster garden.

Ocean Acidification

The Other C02 Problem (7.5 min) is a fun clay stop motion animation. Subsea creatures are suffering as the ocean becomes more acidic as a result of human activity. Produced by Ridgeway School (Plymouth, UK) and Plymouth Marine Lab for primary grades & above. 3rd grade+

Ocean Acidification: Hermie the Hermit Crab (1:36 minute) A short animation from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Association (GRMPA). Hermie the Hermit Crab has trouble finding a shell to live in with ocean acidification. 3rd grade+

Alliance for Climate Education (3:01) Animation explains ocean acidification chemistry. 3rd grade+

Carbon Dioxide, Shell Building & Ocean Acidification - A pictorial slide show describing OA chemistry from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Oceanus Magazine. 5th grade +

Ocean Acidification: Acidifying water takes toll on Northwest Shellfish (6 minute video). Read through the article on how ocean acidification has affected the PNW, listen to the news story, and view the video to learn more about local impacts.

Sea Change: the Ocean's Perilous Turn (9 minutes) Explore several short documetaries from PBS and Seattle Times looking at impacts of ocean acidification  on shellfish farms and crab fisheries. See how scientists are looking for solutions from unique circumstances around the world. 

Ocean Acidification (1:50 minutes) is a short video that explains ocean chemistry and how ocean acidification can affect ocean life.


Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification ((21:34) is a groundbreaking NRDC documentary exploring the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification. The film, featuring Sigourney Weaver, originally aired on Discovery Planet Green. 5th grade +


Scientists try to regrow coral reefs in Florida - PBS News Hour 2/3/2015 (5:44 minutes) The world’s coral reefs are in perilous danger due to overfishing, pollution and climate change. But a team of scuba-diving scientists has developed a groundbreaking method for speeding up coral growth in hopes of stemming the underwater crisis. Hari Sreenivasan reports from the Florida Keys.

Gifts from the Salish Sea: Shellfish as an Ecosystem Service Encyclopedia of Puget Sound is a wonderful resource. Click here to read more about how shellfish function as an important ecosystem service.

Shellfish Filtering Water (15 seconds) - watch these filter feeders at work! See 60 manila clams filter a four liter tank start with 300,000 cells of algae per milliliter of water. The time lapse is over a period of 28 minutes condensed into 15 seconds.


Garden of the Salish Sea presentation (Powerpoint) Learn more about the importance of shellfish and pollution prevention. Intended for classroom discussion. Takes interdisciplinary approach relating biology, archaeology, paleontology, economy and ecosystem services. 

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How Pearls Are Formed (1:45 minute). Ever wonder how pearls are formed? Watch this video for a simple explanation. 




Giant Clam Spawning (00:36) See giant clams in action broadcast spawning.

Remarkable Lives of Limpets (3:38) Learn more from the experts about the incredible life of these single-shelled organisms that inhabit the intertidal zone.


Limpet Teeth Set New Strength Record What's strong than rock, stronger than spider's web? Read up and listen to the BBC special on the amazing strength of limpet teeth (aka "radula"). 


Sunflower Sea Star Predation (1:06 minutes) When people think of sea stars, they don't typically think of voracious predators scouring the seabed, leaving carnage and fear in their wake, but this may simple be a matter of perspective.  This whimsical look at one of the ocean's less known predators may change your perception of sea stars forever. This video shows sea star predation on bivalves.

Penn Cove Shellfish (4:53) Mussel farming on Whidbey Island. Watch the process from seed to fork.

The Shape of Life: Mollusc Explore many videos on phylum Mollusca, any soft-bodied invertebrate of the phylum Mollusca, usually wholly or partly enclosed in a calcium carbonate shell secreted by a soft mantle covering the body, and often possessing a single foot and a radula. 

 Do you know what kind of animal is the world's oldest animal that we know of? Read up on the calamity of  Ming the clam. 5th grade +



Did you know that you can count the number of rings on clams to find out their age, much like tree rings? Learn more about Clams & their relatives on A Snail's Odyssey, photos and animations by Tom Carefoot retired faculty, University of British Columbia. 


Olympia Oysters, our native Washington species, provide important habitat and water quality services. Efforts are being made in Puget Sound to restore these populations. 



View a variety of videos regarding Taylor Shellfish Farms here.



Click here to view a 5th Grade Powerpoint from Taylor Shellfish Farms.