Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum, Whatcom County School program: 2012-2013

In 2013, 205 students and 9 classes earned the Salish Sea Steward Award through hands-on shellfish studies in the classroom, in the field and by practicing watershed friendly habits to protect the Salish Sea.

When twenty students out of 25 in a Blaine 5th grade class “scoop the poop”, that’s a load of prevention at 23 million fecal bacteria per gram!

Teachers said: 

  • “The students really took this activity seriously because it is in their 'backyard.'"
  • “Some of them [students] didn't even know about the issue of ocean acidification. I would hate for this program to disappear because it teaches students about information that is pertinent to them.”
  • “Blaine Harbor is our neighborhood! The children learned ways to keep their harbor environmentally clean and safe.”

Is there a special place on the shores of the Salish Sea near your home that you want to protect?  Where is it and what habit do you pledge to practice to keep it clean and healthy?