3rd Grade Curriculum

Welcome Teachers! Thank you for inviting Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum into your classroom. If we are working in your school directly, find the complete set of materials that you will need below. Download and print.  Find the Powerpoints and videos for select exercises linked on the right.

Please prepare your students for our visits by showing the videos and asking students to complete the pre-lab and post-lab activities in their Science Notebooks.

Please print these materials:

Students will need to use our website to complete their science notebook. This can be done during computer or library time. Teachers are encouraged to choose from additional tie-in activities such as artwork, games and additional videos on this website, to enhance the materials.

If you are interested in using our curriculum independently, you may choose to download the individual chapters and exercises on the right per the needs of your classroom.

* The post assessment will be given at the end of the unit.

I. Intertidal Ecosystem

Please have your students prepare for our 1st presentation by watching this video and completing the Pre-lab activities on pages 3-6 of the Science Notebook.

Notebook Chapter I

Intro Powerpoint

II. Introduction to Shellfish

Notebook Chapter II

Map: Shellfish Around the World

Video: Shellfish Filter Water

III. Ocean Acidification

Video: The Other CO2 Problem

Video: Hermie the Hermit

Videos, Slideshows, and Links

Coastal Communities Blog

V. Reflection

Notebook Chapter V

VI. Extended Activities

NOAA Salish Sea Coloring Book

Notebook Games Activities

  • Whale Jenga
  • Krill
  • Oyster Life Cycle
  • Clam Life Cycle
  • Anemone Life Cycle
  • Food Web Jumbo Checkers

Spat Tag Game