What We Do


We inspire students to take responsibility for their environment and natural resources. We teach students to practice watershed friendly habits, engage the participation of their families and communities, and become engaged in scientific study. Today's children are the leaders of tomorrow. 

Our Philosophy:

  • Give students a big-picture concept of stewardship over the environment through personal connection, hands-on science and field experience.

Our approach:

  • Engage students, teachers, families, and community by teaching and modeling environmental responsibility.

Our strategies:

  • Provide resources to, train, and assist educators to implement Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum. 
  • Partner with community organizations that model environmental stewardship and career paths.
Being part of a local data collection project made this experience so authentic for the students. It fit in beautifully with our unit on water and our unit about natural places.

— Wade King Elementary School
“Both educators were willing to work with me and the curricular demands to support them and enrich my students by informing and empowering my students so that they felt like their actions matter.

— Beach School
“My students enjoyed this experience, and they can see directly the importance of clean water in our community!

— Blaine Elementary