Teacher's Questionnaire

Please provide feedback to help develop our program. Thank you for your participation!

I would repeat this program for my classes next year if it is available.
I would use the activities provided in this program to support additional field trips in my locale such as beach walks, stream walks, aquarium visits or as stand- alone lessons in the classroom.
This program was successful in fulfilling student’s grade level expectations for science.
This program will encourage students and their families to engage in behaviors that avoid polluting local water bodies.
This program will encourage students to continue the study of local water-bodies, shellfish and local marine resources.
My students watched the pre-activity videos *
My students used the resources provided on the GSSC website. *
My students used the games kit. *
My students did an art project with their shells
I incorporated discussions about topic in my teaching
Would adopting GSSC by your school district provide the impetus for you to teach GSSC lessons as part of your regular curriculum?
I would support an effort to incorporate GSSC content in district adopted curricula that meets Next Generation Science Standards and Sustainability Standards.
I would be willing to participate in an effort to have GSSC adopted by my district.
Please list the materials or activities you used from our website.